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Advanced Endpoint Protection

  • Default Deny Security with Default Allow Usability
  • IT and Security Manager - An unified console for all devices and their security status
  • Comodo Client - A multi-layered automated container to prevent known and unknown advanced threats
  • Valkyrie - A cloud-based advanced malware analysis platform
What is Advanced Endpoint Protection

With unknown, zero day and advanced persistent threats on the rise, a single ‘Patient Zero’ infection is all it takes to cause serious damage

What is Advanced Endpoint Protection?

Advanced Endpoint Protection is next-generation cyber security that blocks bad files and automatically contains unknown files in a virtual container using Default Deny Platform™ and containerization technology. The unknown "contained" file is analyzed and an accelerated verdict is obtained through the Valkyrie cloud-based advanced malware analysis platform.

Comodo Advanced endpoint protection

Comodo Advanced Endpoint Protection provides a lightweight, scalable Default Deny Platform with a unique endpoint security approach, which results in complete protection and enterprise visibility. The app based platform eliminates complexity and solution overlap. Provisioned in minutes, Advanced Endpoint Protection also includes unified IT and security management console, that through an app enabled platform reduces the effort of managing your Android, iOS, OSX, Linux, and Windows devices, on every segment of your physical and virtual networks

How Advanced Endpoint Protection Works

Advanced Endpoint Protection uses the Default Deny Platform™ to block bad files and automatically contain unknown files in a virtual container, using containerization technology.

Advanced Endpoint Protection

The Comodo VirusScope technology is used to analyze unknown files at the endpoint, for malicious behavior and actions. The Valkyrie provides a cloud-based accelerated verdict in about 45 seconds, based on static, dynamic and even human analyst interaction. Malware files are removed, good files are allowed to run on the endpoint CPU and unknown files are contained in the lightweight virtual container on the endpoint and analyzed in real time.

Advanced Endpoint Protection can be provisioned in approximately a minute's time; it uses negligible CPU resources and requires an endpoint footprint of just about 10 MB. The program provides complete security for both physical and virtual endpoints in all kinds of enterprises- big or small.

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Comodo Client

Comodo Client leverages a multi-layer, modular approach and a patent pending automated container to prevent, detect, respond and remediate both known and unknown advanced threats.

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Comodo IT and Security Manager (included) provide a unified console of all devices and their security status. IT admins have real time visibility, device management and enterprise malware search.

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Comodo Valkyrie’s cloud-based advanced malware analysis platform, analyzes over 1B unknown files a year. Static, dynamic and human analyst, provide 100% verdict in 30 seconds, 5x’s faster than competitors.

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