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Comodo AEP Under the Hood

Comodo Advanced Endpoint Protection (AEP) provides the world’s most sophisticated and comprehensive endpoint protection platform. Comodo AEP products your endpoints with a “default deny” strategy that secures your environment by only allowing known good code to execute while keeping unknown (potentially bad) code in Secure Auto-Containment™. Comodo provides a multi-layered approach to protect your endpoints from known and unknown malware using the following features.

  • Secure Auto-Containment™
  • Understanding File States – The Good, The Bad, The Unknown
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • What code is what code does
  • Antivirus
  • Application Control
  • File Integrity Monitoring
  • Endpoint Detection and Response
  • cWatch Security Operations Center Integration
Cyber Criminals are Getting
Smarter - So Should You.