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Why is an Anti Malware Scanner Free Download Important?

Anti Malware Scanner Free

Nowadays, when we go online, we can easily be at risk of cyber attacks. You never know what malware is lurking on the website you visit. Good thing there’s an anti malware scanner free download available online. It protects the computer from malware and virus infections.

Check out the reasons why you need to find a good anti malware scanner free download.

Malware is Getting More Sophisticated

You have probably read several times on the Internet that malware keeps getting more sophisticated. Indeed, that’s a fact. The malware we are dealing with now is stealthier and harder to detect. In the past, malware could be easily blocked as long as there was an antivirus or malware removal tool on the computer.

Over the years, malware authors have learned their lessons. They discovered a way to evade the detection of traditional malware removal tools. They have made malware fileless.

Fileless malware is an advanced cyber threat that infects computer memory even without an executable file. When a hacker sends you a phishing email and you open it, malware is installed successfully already. Before, the user must run the email attachment for malware to spread. Now, an executable file is no longer a requirement.

A fileless malware removal is difficult. If you are not ready yet to invest in a reputable malware removal tool, look for an anti malware scanner free download on the Internet.

Malware Attacks are Rampant

Malware attacks are proliferating. Every day consumers and companies are getting hit by malware. The first reason why malware attacks are rampant is, malware is lurking even on legitimate websites. Hackers only need to present a deceptive ad on an ad network and they can infect a website with a malware infected ad. This is known as malvertising. They can also insert malware on non-secure websites.

The second reason is social engineering. It is a tactic that involves manipulation to trick a user. It presents malware in a desirable way. For example, when a user visits a game hacking website, malware may flash as a game cheat app. Without anti malware software, the fake app will infect the computer. That is another reason to look for a reputable anti malware scanner free download.

What is the Best Anti Malware Scanner Free Download?

There are many anti malware scanner free download available online. What we are looking for is a reliable anti malware scanner free download that can protect you against the latest threats.

Check out for the following features in anti malware scanner free download:

Spear Phishing Protection

Spear Phishing is a form of social engineering. It is the number one cause of malware infections. Many fall victim to a spear phishing attack because it has a threatening or intriguing subject line. It may use the FBI to scare you. It can also pretend as an email from your friends or relatives. For complete protection against spear phishing attacks, look for an anti malware scanner free download with spear phishing protection.

Drive-by-Download Detection

Drive-by-download detection prevents malicious installations that occur quietly in the background. A drive-by-download also known as an unintentional download is obtained by visiting a malware infected website. If the anti malware scanner free download lacks drive-by-detection, you are more likely to fall victim to a drive-by-download attack.

Fileless Malware Defense System

A fileless malware defense system protects your computer memory and registry against fileless malware attacks. Even if fileless malware is stealthier and harder to detect, if the anti malware scanner free download has a fileless malware defense system, fileless malware is rendered useless. So choose an anti malware scanner free download with fileless malware protection.

Comodo Anti Malware is an effective anti malware software for a personal computer. It protects you from the latest threats such as trojan, spyware, ransomware, rootkit, keylogger, and more! Download it now for free.

For a business network, try Comodo Advanced Endpoint Protection. It protects endpoint devices against advanced cyber threats such as:

Ransomware Attacks

Comodo Advanced Endpoint Protection was named The Best Ransomware Protection in the 2018 Cyber Excellence Award. It has an Auto-Containment that is built upon Default Deny. Ransomware can bypass an antivirus, but with Auto-Containment, various types of ransomware are detected in no time. Losing valuable files negatively impacts business operation. With Comodo Advanced Endpoint Protection your files are safe from ransomware attacks.

Fileless Malware Infections

Comodo Advanced Endpoint Protection is equipped with a Host Intrusion Prevention System that prevents fileless malware attacks. It protects the computer memory and registry. It also protects the keyboard against keyloggers. You can be assured that your endpoint devices are safe from fileless malware attacks.

Social Engineering Attacks

Comodo Advanced Endpoint Protection filters network traffic and monitors data transmission with a packet filtering firewall. This instantly detects spear phishing and drive-by-downloads. Your endpoint devices will never fall victim to spear phishing or drive-by-download attacks.

To stay safe from malware attacks, invest in a trusted security solution. Download Comodo Advanced Endpoint Protection today or contact us for a live demo.

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