Maintaining Endpoint Security to Protect Your Network

Maintaining Endpoint Security to Protect Your Network

Ability to actively monitor endpoints enables cybersecurity administrators to view threat indicators on the endpoint devices. Robust endpoint security is required to effectively protect endpoints from various threat vectors, as endpoints are typically the most targeted areas in cyber attacks. Endpoints are considered to be the weakest and most vulnerable points in an enterprise network. Hence, enterprise networks can be secured only if endpoints are maintained securely.

Robust Endpoint Security

It is absolutely essential to use a robust endpoint security solution for protecting endpoints. And in your enterprise, you must be having numerous endpoints and you must be able to monitor the status of the endpoint security solutions effectively using a solution such as the Comodo Endpoint Security Manager for Endpoint Security Management.  If malware is able to infect an endpoint, it can penetrate and travel over the network and infect all endpoints connected to the enterprise network. It will lead to total compromise of the enterprise network which can lead to loss of data, reputation, and legal suits.

Sophisticated Present Day Malware

Present day malware has become sophisticated. It is becoming more sophisticated due to easily available tools that enable easy development of new strains of existing malware. Traditional endpoint security solutions provide definition-based detection, utilizing the virus database of blacklisted files. This is effective only for detecting and blocking known viruses and malware. This system does not detect unknown malware. Traditional endpoint security solutions block known malware – such as viruses, worms, ransomware, adware, rootkits, spyware, Trojans, bots, scareware, keyloggers or bugs.

However, the present day malware is predominantly through zero-day threats. New strains are released in the morning and they create havoc till the antivirus companies get a hold of a definition of the malware. The damage will be done.  Such malware are capable of evading detection and analysis even by other sophisticated systems including bare metal and hybrid virtualization systems, emulation systems and intelligence based systems.

Protection solutions

Comodo Endpoint Security is one-of-a-kind solution that can ensure the protection of your enterprise network. It utilizes its unique Default Deny Platform to allow only known good files to access your endpoint, while it blocks all unknown files.

The Default Deny posture implements Automated Containerization technology – within the sophisticated lightweight virtual container, the behavior of the file is analyzed, and a verdict is obtained. Next, based on the verdict from the Comodo Valkyrie >Static & Dynamic Analyzer– Comodo Endpoint Security deletes the file if it is malware, or allows the file into the endpoint. Zero-day malware are effectively stopped.

Comodo Endpoint Security Management allows you to analyze file behavior in real-time on the endpoint through its VirusScope behavioral analysis feature.

Endpoint Security Management for Network Protection

Comodo Endpoint Security Management and Comodo Endpoint Security are good solutions that help maintain the Security of your network.

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