Top benefits of an Integrated Endpoint Security Suite

The role and capabilities of endpoints have progressed dramatically in the past few years, and endpoint security software with built-in endpoint firewall is now the norm in the enterprise. Conventional Antivirus solutions which scan every individual file, are not optimised for securing every endpoint.

With traditional endpoint security solutions, it is difficult for resource-constrained IT departments to  manage multiple endpoints. Plus, most of the endpoint protection solutions are difficult to deploy and manage. To better address the needs of endpoints with speed and efficiency,  an Integrated Endpoint Security Suite  with an Endpoint security firewall built-in is a must.

An Integrated Endpoint Security Suite offers strong data security for critical data and systems. It provides advanced threat prevention and Enterprise-class Endpoint security firewall, all in a single console. Plus, organizations can enforce compliance for all of their endpoints with the help of consolidated compliance reporting and flexible email notifications.


Fast and Easy Deployment: Having many capabilities integrated into a single endpoint security product can significantly ease the deployment of new security technologies. One single console for installation and configuration delivers completely integrated functionality, right out of the box.

Single Management Server Hardware: With an Integrated Endpoint Security Suite, there is no hassle of different hardware, systems or additional components.

Single Management Server Software: An Integrated Endpoint Security Suite offers an easy-to-manage console. It is capable of scaling for larger deployments as well.

Saves Time on Initial Deployment and Updates: It takes a simple installation task to control the Integrated Endpoint Security Suite, with no dependencies and no requirements for numerous re-boots.

No Hassle with Different System Requirements: Software compatibility challenges can be a headache for many organizations. With an Integrated Endpoint Security Suite, organizations do not have to worry about compatibility issues.

Deeper Integration: Integrated Endpoint Security Suites offer deeper integration which in turn allows for flexibility and greater functionality.

Streamlined Policy and Task Changes: With Integrated Endpoint Security Suites, modifications on tasks and policies can be made in a single step.

Generally speaking, it is much more economical to buy one product (Integrated Endpoint Security Suite) than to purchase components separately.

If you opt for an Integrated Endpoint Security Suite, you can run it on a single server (more likely on two servers for redundancy). Imagine how many separate servers might be needed if you opt for standalone components. Moreover, it is much easier to monitor and manage the performance and security of endpoints with an Integrated Endpoint Security Suite.

If you are in search of a good Integrated Endpoint Security Suite, choose Comodo Cybersecurity’s Advance Endpoint Protection. It can protect and secure the endpoints even from zero-day exploits, unknown malware, or advanced persistent threats.

The traditional approach of securing endpoints focuses on detecting known threats. It leaves most Endpoints vulnerable to zero-day malware, but with Comodo’s Containment technology, every unknown file will be automatically made to run in a virtual environment. Try Comodo Endpoint Protection today!

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