Why do you need to know how to protect your pc from ransomware attacks?

Sure, it’s easy to assume that staying at home and using your computer primarily for personal use makes you safe from ransomware. But you couldn’t be more wrong. Victims of ransomware are usually the ones who are confident that they can’t possibly be a fatality to this growing online crime and are thus lax on their cybersecurity. With no idea how to detect ransomware or how to build your defenses, you’ll be more vulnerable to these attacks. You wouldn’t want to regret it later after you’ve already been financially crippled by ransomware hackers. It is of supreme importance, then, to understand how to protect your pc from ransomware attacks.

What is ransomware?

Before we talk about all the steps on how to protect your pc from ransomware attacks, let’s first talk about what it is. Ransomware is an infallible type of malware that was developed in 2014. You’ve probably even heard of CryptoWall, one of the most commonly used ransomware in 2016 which targeted individuals and businesses alike and conning hundreds of thousands of people of their savings. How it works is quite straightforward:

● You get a suspicious email with a link that requires you to download or run an application you don’t recognize.

● Most people would assume it’s from their trusted companies, you might too, since these fake websites and emails are made to look legitimate, and would comply. Without apps that know how to detect ransomware, another way to know is if there are odd punctuation or spacing on the company name or label.

● Once the malware gains access to your OS (Operational System), whether it’s running on Windows or Mac, it will start encrypting all your files. At this point, ransomware removal is impossible.

● Once encryption is completed, your computer will lock you out and display the hacker’s demands which usually include the bitcoin address to where you’re supposed to send the ransom as well as other instructions or specifications for the victim.

● Ransomware removal will not work against this because the screen and the entire system is hijacked with encryption that has a unique decryption key that can only be accessed by the hacker.

How to protect your PC from ransomware attacks

There are numerous simple, free, and realistic ways on how to protect your PC from ransomware attacks. It doesn’t take a genius or someone tech-savvy to set up the most basic protection on your computer. Since ransomware removal is out of the question, prevention is the best defense for this malware. Learning how to detect ransomware and building a system based on that knowledge is all it takes. Here are steps you can take so you’ll know how to protect your pc from ransomware attacks.

How to Protect Your PC from Ransomware Attacks

Beware of shady emails

As it all starts with receiving suspicious emails with malicious content, it’s best to be alert when receiving any unexpected emails from any company, familiar or not. Sometimes they can veil their malware by using popular companies and brands to gain the user’s trust. If you got an email you don’t recognize or initialize, be critical in checking for ill-natured intent. To be sure, don’t download anything or run any app that you don’t fully understand. Having anti-ransomware apps that know how to detect ransomware and send out alert notifications are essential tools as a preventive measure.

Back your files up

One of the reasons why ransomware is crippling to its victims is that it takes away the owner’s access to their files. For personal users, that means that loss of memorable moments or private mementos which can be devastating on its own. However, the impact is greater for those who have documents that are essential to the operation of their businesses. For entrepreneurs, one day lost, cost hundreds of dollars in profit. Whichever one you are, your files are precious and why it makes for such a good hostage. The best counter is to have your files backed up somewhere safe. If you aren’t crippled by the loss of your documents, you have more breathing room when deciding on how to deal with a situation. The cheapest option is to have your files backed up on Cloud services. Cloud services are abundant online these days, from free ones to premium subscriptions.

Download anti-malware apps

Of course, the best method on how to protect your pc from ransomware attacks is to employ an anti-malware or anti-ransomware app. As ransomware removal is yet to be developed, it’s best to have third-party online security to keep your data safe and sound. You have less to worry about if a system is built to automatically scan through your entire system regularly to make sure no malware can get through. The best part is that there are tons of free anti-ransomware available to you online. All you have to do is choose one that best fits your needs. Simple, isn’t it? If you own a business or are particular about your privacy, it’s highly recommended to go for paid online security as those are more intricate with their services and features.

And those are the effortless and constructive ways on how to protect your pc from ransomware attacks. For more information on your anti-ransomware options, visit Comodo Cybersecurity!

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