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Minimizing Costs with Security & IT Automation

Whether you are an Enterprise or a Managed Service Provider (MSP), managing multiple point solutions from different vendors for security and endpoint administration has proven to be a costly and frustrating way to solve the challenge of managing devices and security. Comodo IT and Security Manager (ITSM) minimizes costs and frustrations by consolidating device and security administration into a unified console encorporating providing current status and reports on all managed devices, including mobile and BYOD. IT admins can easily act on issues, report on current risk, and push security, application and OS updates. This complete management system, combined with the unprecedented malware protection of Comodo’s Default Deny Platform, reduces risk, reduces complexity and provides your admins with the resources they need.

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Remote Management

Easing Administration Burden with Remote Management & Monitoring

Remote management, including ultra-fast remote desktop sharing and full device takeover as well as remote monitoring including full stealth, allows your IT team to provide support and ensure compliance throughout your distributed enterprise. Anti-theft features such as find-my-device, & ’sneak peak’ ensure lost or stolen assets can be investigated or recovered.

Mobile Device and Inventory Management

Comodo’s IT and Security Manager (ITSM) allows for the configuration of security policies and visibility into the security posture and health of your enterprise endpoints, while the ITSM Mobile Device Manager and Inventory Manager allow for the remote provisioning, configuration and control of android, iOS and Windows devices. ITSM allows organizations to perform tasks like restricting what actions a user can take on a corporate owned mobile phone, determine which unknown applications are running in containment enterprise-wide, remote wipe a device, and identify the geographic location of a device.