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Comodo Dome delivers complete web and email protection against emerging threats by providing a modular Cloud Delivered Secure Web Platform.

Comodo Dome is a revolutionary Cloud Delivered Secure Web Platform that is delivered as a Security as a Service (SaaS) cloud infrastructure, that incorporates unknown file containment, Advanced Threat Protection, Web Security, Sandboxing, Antispam, DLP, Next Generation Fire-wall, Bandwidth management, and a secure VPN service.

Adding Comodo between your existing infrastructure and the internet couldn’t be easier — simply make Dome your next hop to the internet - no appliances or headaches.

Cloud Security Platform

Rethink Your Security and Network Architecture

The Comodo Dome Cloud Security Platform is totally modular and acts as a highly advanced series of security check posts encompassing Advanced Threat Protection, Web Security, portable containment, Sandboxing, Antispam , DLP , Next Generation Firewall, and Bandwidth management. Simply choose the modules you require today, and seamlessly add new ones in the future.

Advanced Protection

Advanced Protection in The Cloud Era

With storage, business applications and services all moving to the cloud, the traditional approach of installing a large centralized web security gateway device and then backhauling all of your traffic from remote offices, devices and users has quickly become exceptionally cumbersome if not obsolete. It makes far more sense to forward traffic to a centralized cloud platform that can provide protection regardless of network origin and destination.

Advanced Containment

Comodo Advanced Containment

Sandboxing is becoming a commonplace security strategy, but it typically hinders business productivity by isolating unknown and suspect files in a state where they cannot be used until after a thorough analysis is complete. Comodo’s unique containment technology is radically different. While Valkyrie analyzes unknown files, users are free to open, execute and use the files with ZERO risk of infection. Comodo’s containment technology is agentless, extremely lightweight, has no CPU dependencies and is application-agnostic.

Web Security

Web Security Problem: Solved

Even an advanced web or email content filter with more than 100,000 security updates a day is still going to be hopelessly outmatched against customized malware variants. Unknown malicious files will still be allowed carte blanche access to sensitive environments in even the best default allow ecosystems. Our modular Dome Cloud Security Platform with unknown file containment and rapid verdict rendering simply makes more sense.

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