Understanding the importance of malware scanning

Finding malware with the right scanner

It is important to download malware scanner because malware often pretends as a genuine file in the hard drive folders. By camouflaging as a genuine exe file, it hides in plain sight. But if you download malware scanner, it will deep scan the hard drive to detect any malware lurking in different folders.

If the malware scanner suspects that the file is malicious, it collects its virus signature. Then it sends the signature to a cloud-based verdict platform to determine if it’s safe or a threat. If it matches any of the signatures in the platform, the malware scanner flags the file as a threat.

Some types of malware can mutate their signatures to evade the detection of the malware scanner. If a file provides a valid signature but the malware scanner still suspects it as malicious, the malware scanner temporarily quarantines the file within the sandbox to observe it further.

Inside the sandbox, the file is unaware that it’s monitored. If it shows malicious behaviors, the malware scanner blocks its access and removes it from the computer. By combining different malware detection techniques, a malware scanner prevents malware infections. Download malware scanner to keep the computer protected against varieties of malware.

Highly recommended for personal computers

Comodo Anti-Malware is highly recommended for a personal computer for a business network, the network and endpoint devices receive advanced endpoint protection. Comodo Advanced Endpoint Protection is the best security solution for a business network. It consists of the following features:

Auto-Containment - is a sandbox-based technology built upon Default Deny that automatically contains unknown file it when enters the computer. By deploying Default Deny technology and advanced behavioral monitoring techniques, the Auto-Containment feature renders zero-day threat on each endpoint device.

Valkyrie - is a cloud-based platform that provides verdict in 40 seconds. Using multiple dynamic, static, and even human expert analysis it identifies malware in no time.

HIPS - is an advanced feature that provides complete protection against fileless malware. It protects the registry and computer memory against unauthorized modification. By constantly monitoring the keyboard and hard drive, it prevents unauthorized direct access.

Comodo Firewall - protects the network against inbound and outbound threats by filtering network traffic. It monitors data transmission, preventing malware propagation within the network.

VirusScope - advanced machine learning technology that instantly detects a behavioral pattern, preventing sophisticated malware from infecting the computer.

Comodo Antivirus - is the first line of defense that deep scans the computer regularly to keep the computer malware free. It prevents the entry of known types of malware to the computer.

Website Filtering - allows the administrator to blacklist and whitelist websites. By setting restrictions, it prevents other users from accessing malicious websites.


If you download malware scanner now, your computer will receive immediate malware protection. For a personal computer, you will have the following benefits if you download malware scanner:

1. Verify if the URL is safe

Backdoor enables hackers to gain unauthorized access to the computer. Through some social engineering strategies, backdoor lowers the computer security and gains administrator privileges allowing hackers to manipulate and control the computer without restrictions. If you don’t download malware scanner, your computer will be at risk of unauthorized access. The second on the list is one of the effects of backdoor access.

2. Scan the Application

A backdoor infected computer is also at risk of a zombie attack. A zombie attack is when a computer becomes part of a botnet. A huge network of zombie computers controlled by hackers through the main server. Some computers have been part of a botnet without the users’ knowledge. The computer is used to conduct malware attacks and cyber crimes. They send spam or mine cryptocurrencies for the hackers. If you notice that you’ve been sending out spam, it is a sign that your computer is part of a botnet. Download malware scanner to get rid of malware.

3. Install Anti Malware

If you don’t download malware scanner, your personal information is at risk of getting stolen. Malware is specifically designed to steal credentials such as username and password. Once the information falls in the hand of the hacker, it is used for monetary gain. Hackers use the stolen information to make unauthorized transactions. They also sell the information to advertising companies for marketing purposes.

If you download malware scanner now, your computer will receive immediate malware protection. For a personal computer, you will have the following benefits if you download malware scanner:

Complete malware protection, Registry clean-up, Instant threat report, Immediate malware removal, Automatic anti malware update

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