How Do Keyloggers Work

Keyloggers are software that can record every key you enter through the keyboard. Keyloggers have beneficial and harmful effects, depending on how they are used. To better understand how do keyloggers work, let’s take a closer look at the different functions of keyloggers.

Keyloggers at a Workplace

You are probably unaware, but some companies do use keyloggers for a number of reasons. The common reason is to monitor daily activities in the office. So how do keyloggers work at a workplace?

Employee Monitoring

For this instance the employees are aware that the company installed a keylogger on the work computers. The purpose is properly explained to the employees. Usually, it is to ensure that employees are doing their jobs and not scrolling through social media. This helps the company monitor the employees’ daily activities at work.

Employee Evaluation

Keyloggers are also beneficial to employees evaluation. If the company would like to audit employees’ performances, they can retrieve data from the work computers. It allows them to review the employees’ accomplishments and violations.

Real-time Data Protection

Keyloggers also protect company sensitive data from getting compromised. System administrators receive an alert if sensitive data on work devices are at risk of threats. It saves confidential information from data theft.

Keyloggers for Parents

Keyloggers can be useful to parents who want to monitor their children’s online activities. There are keylogging software available for parents. So how do keyloggers work for parents?

  • Keyloggers can track kids’ online searches
  • Monitor social media activities.
  • Track phone logs
  • Track SMS, chats, and browsing history

Those are just some of the benefits of keyloggers to parents who want to ensure the safety of their kids on the Internet.

Keyloggers as Malicious Software

We have already discussed the beneficial use of keyloggers. The keylogger effect that is most common to users is malicious. Let’s find out how do keyloggers work when they fall in the wrong hand.

When keyloggers are used as a malicious tool it can be dangerous. Since it can log and record every key pressed on the keyboard, hackers can use keyloggers to steal personal information. They can infect users’ computers with keyloggers via phishing emails, exploit kits, or fake software. Then keyloggers can monitor and record the user’s computer activities to steal username, password, and pin codes. The information is transmitted to the hacker through a remote server. That’s how keyloggers work if they fall in the wrong hand.

How to Prevent Unauthorized Keylogging?

Malicious keyloggers can hit your computer without a warning. Below are some useful tips to help protect yourself from unauthorized keylogging.

1. How to Prevent Keylogging Tip no. 1 - Avoid Opening Suspicious Emails

Keyloggers are often installed through spear phishing. Hackers conceal keyloggers behind a deceptive email. If you want to prevent keylogging, avoid opening emails from anonymous senders. If you want complete protection against Spear Phishing, download an anti malware software with spear phishing detection. That prevents a phishing email attack.

2. How to Prevent Keylogging Tip no. 2 - Avoid Downloading Crack Software

Downloading crack software may come with a price - keylogger infections. Crack software are given away for free, but some of them contain malware. There’s nothing wrong with free downloads, but you have to be careful with the applications you install on your computer. Hackers can easily make fake software to infect your computer with malware. If the software is unverified, avoid downloading it. Better yet, scan it first using online malware scanners.

3. How to Prevent Keylogging Tip no. 3 - Avoid Visiting Malicious Websites

Malware are often found lurking on non-secure websites. These malicious websites install malware without your knowledge. The installation occurs silently in the background. Therefore, it is hard to detect. To prevent unintentional downloads, avoid visiting illicit websites.

4. How to Prevent Keylogging Tip no. 4 - Install Anti Malware Software

Anti malware software prevents the entry of malware on the computer. It monitors your computer for threats. It also scans the files that enter the computer. So if malware pretends as a decent application, it can still be detected. There are effective anti malware software free download online. It prevents keyloggers, trojan, ransomware, rootkit, and spyware from infecting the computer.

Keyloggers can be beneficial and harmful, depending on the intention. To prevent keyloggers from stealing your personal information, develop a good browsing habit. Also, remember to install a reputable anti malware software on your computer.

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