A keystroke recorder is an effective tool for stealing username and password. In this article we will discuss how hackers steal personal information using a keystroke recorder. We’ll also show you how you can protect yourself from a keystroke recorder attack.

Before hackers are able to steal personal information using a keystroke recorder, they have to install keyloggers on target computers. How do they do it?

Internet Spyware Prevention Act of 2007

The Internet Spyware Prevention Act of 2007 was introduced to the House of Representatives by Bob Goodlatte, Zoe Lofgren, and Lamar S. Smith on June 23, 2004. It is an act that prohibits unauthorized access to private computers and imposes penalties to the Internet spyware author.

In order to understand why Internet spyware poses a serious threat, let’s have an overview of what Internet spyware can do.

Internet Spyware

What are the Dangers of Internet Spyware?

1. Internet Spyware can Steal Username and Passwords

The Internet spyware author can obtain passwords from infected computers. Internet spyware can monitor your computer activities. That includes online searches, web submission, and others. Having said that, Internet spyware can track and record the personal information stored on your computer applications and web browsers. Afterward, the information is transmitted to the hacker through a remote server. Once the hacker obtains your password, he can withdraw from your bank account without your knowledge. He can also make unauthorized transactions online. That is one reason why Internet spyware poses a serious threat to businesses and consumers.

2. Internet Spyware can Steal Confidential Data from Financial Services

Monetary gain is probably one of the primary reasons for creating Internet spyware. It targets banks and financial institutions. Internet spyware can steal confidential information from the bank data database. The stolen information is uploaded to the C&C server for retrieval. Thus, allows hackers to modify or delete transactions. Internet spyware usually gets through the web server by scanning web browsers for vulnerabilities.

3. Internet spyware can Turn Computers into Zombie Computers

A zombie computer is part of a botnet or huge collections of zombie computers. The computers become tools of hackers in conducting malware attacks. A zombie computer sends out spam or spreads malware. Hackers can even use zombie computers to mine cryptocurrencies. Thus, results in slow computers and drained battery. It is difficult to tell if the computer becomes part of a botnet, as there’s usually no warning sign of an infection.

Those are the dangers of Internet spyware. So it is important to keep your computer protected now that you are aware of what Internet spyware can do.

How can you Protect yourself from Internet Spyware?

Use a 2-Step Verification

2-Step verification is an extra layer of protection from Internet spyware. It prevents the hacker from accessing your account even if he obtains your username and passwords. A 2-Step verification confirms that you’re the account holder by requiring you to enter the pin sent to your mobile number.

Develop Good Browsing Habits

Different types of Internet spyware are spread on the Internet. They may pretend as a genuine application, an email, or a link. It is important to take caution when you go online to prevent Internet spyware from infecting your computer. Avoid opening suspicious emails. Download only from trusted vendors. Lastly, verify if the link is safe before clicking on it, as it may redirect you to a malicious website.

Install Anti Malware Software

Anti Malware is designed to protect you from varieties of malware such as Internet spyware. It silently monitors your computer for malware. So when a threat enters the computer, it is detected and blocked immediately. Without anti malware software, your computer will be vulnerable to malware attacks. It is better to prevent threats than deal with it later.

So what is a recommended anti malware software for a personal computer?

Comodo Anti Malware is a trusted security software that prevents the entry of malware. It can instantly detect spyware, rootkit, keylogger, ransomware, and trojan. It has a cloud-based antivirus that protects your computer even if the anti malware software is not up-to-date. Download it for free.

What is a recommended security solution for a business network? Comodo Advanced Endpoint Protection.

What is Comodo Advanced Endpoint Protection?

Comodo Advanced Endpoint Protection is a central security solution that protects business networks and endpoint devices. It consists of multi-layered security to prevent sophisticated malware attacks.

  • Auto-Containment
  • Host Intrusion Prevention System
  • Cloud Based Database
  • Cloud Based Antivirus
  • VirusScope
  • Comodo Firewall
  • Website Filtering

Together, they form an impenetrable defense against malware attacks. Comodo Advanced Endpoint Protection can identify malware in only 40 seconds. Faster than any anti malware software. It also built upon Default Deny. Which means that it automatically contains any untrusted file and only releases it once it is confirmed as safe. Thus, never leaves a window open for a malware infection.

The business network and endpoint devices contain the company’s confidential information. A small may put the data at risk, which can greatly impact your business. So download Comodo Advanced Endpoint Protection to secure your business network and endpoint devices. You can also contact us to get a live demo.

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