How to Protect yourself from a Keystroke Tracker?

keystroke tracker

Use 2-Step Verification

2-Step verification is an extra protection against a keystroke tracker. It sends the pin code to your mobile number when someone attempts to log into your account. So even if the hacker obtains your password, he cannot access your account unless he has the pin code. Let’s admit it, most users dislike the idea of using 2-Step verification because it’s quite a hassle. You have to enter a pin code to confirm your identity. What if your mobile phone is dead? However, with keystroke tracker attacks proliferation, it is a practical idea to use 2-step verification.

Use Key Encryption Software

Using key encryption software is also a good defense against a keystroke tracker. It prevents a keystroke tracker from tracking and capturing the characters you type by encrypting them. Key encryption software encrypts the exact keys with random characters as they travel through the operating system. So even if a keystroke tracker is monitoring the path the keys travel through, it can only record random characters. There are trusted key encryption software online. Choose what you think is best.

Copy and Paste your Password

A keystroke tracker can only record your username and password if you type using the keyboard. Copying and pasting your password is a good idea. It prevents a keystroke tracker from logging the keys. But you also have to watch out for a keystroke tracker that capture screenshots to steal personal information.

Patch Management

A keystroke tracker can exploit system vulnerabilities. If you want a tool that installs software updates automatically, use patch management. It finds the latest updates for your operating system. This prevents a keystroke tracker from exploiting outdated software and bugs.

Install Anti Malware Software

An anti malware software is a tool that detects and blocks malware. If you have anti malware software on your computer, you are protected from varieties of malware. Anti malware provides complete malware protection by doing a full malware scan. It also detects spear phishing and drive-by-downloads which are the leading causes of malware infections. The best thing about having anti malware software is you’re data are safe from malware. We know how valuable data can be.

If you want to install a trusted anti malware software for your personal computer, you can download Comodo Anti Malware. It is an effective and lightweight anti malware software that protects your computer against keylogger, trojan, spyware, and ransomware. It monitors your computer for malware without interfering with your activities.

For a business network, we highly recommend Comodo Advanced Endpoint Protection. It is a central security solution that protects endpoint devices.

Comodo Advanced Endpoint Protection prevents:

Fileless Malware Attacks

If you are looking for anti malware software with fileless malware protection, choose Comodo Advanced Endpoint Protection. It has a Host Intrusion Prevention System that monitors computer memory and registry against fileless malware. It also monitors the keyboard against a keystroke tracker. You have the best keystroke logger detection with Comodo Advanced Endpoint Protection.

Spear Phishing Attacks

Spear phishing is the number one cause of malware infections. If you want to prevent spear phishing attacks on your endpoint devices, go for Comodo Advanced Endpoint Protection. It monitors data transmission to detect and prevent spear phishing.

Drive-by-Download Attacks

Comodo Advanced Endpoint Protection also detects drive-by-download in no time. This is a malicious installation that occurs in the background. With an auto-containment technology that detects any malicious file that can get past the antivirus and firewall, advanced malicious software is detected.


Ransomware is a dangerous malware that keeps growing more sophisticated. Thus, remains a serious threat to companies. Comodo Advanced Endpoint Protection detects ransomware when it enters the computer. Ransomware is automatically contained within a virtual container where it is destroyed.


A keystroke tracker is a dangerous tool that hackers use to steal personal information and credentials. To prevent a keystroke tracker, you need to protect your computer with anti malware software. For extra security, apply the other preventive measures that can render a keystroke tracker useless.

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