Benefits of Comodo Advanced Endpoint Protection

Superior Security with "Default Deny" posture and our proprietary secure, auto-containment technology avoids infections to prevent damage from zero days and malware that "Default Allow" solutions let through.

Enhanced Productivity for both IT Security and end-users by allowing uninterrupted use of their favorite apps in a secure environment.

Reinforced by Expert Human Analysis with augmented static (AI/machine) learning analysis with human expert analysis to quickly arrive at a definitive verdict on every file (good or bad)

Lower Total Cost of Ownership thru a modular approach with security and IT administration

Improved Network Visibility allows you to see what is going on in your network environment with IT and Security Manager.

Peace of Mind knowing that Comodo Advanced Endpoint Protection is working

Comodo Advanced Endpoint Protection

As the #1 largest certificate authority brand in the world, Comodo is uniquely positioned to identify known good software publishers, applications (whitelists); while our installed base of over 85 million users provides the Comodo Threat Research Lab (CTRL) with one of the largest caches of known bad files (blacklists). Our global product development and malware research team has security professionals working 24x7x365 in countries like the USA, UK, Ukraine, Turkey, India and the Philippines, to ensure that unknown files are rapidly identified before they are able to cause damage.

Comodo's automated containment technology is extremely lightweight, has no CPU dependencies, and is application agnostic unlike other containment solutions in the market.

Comodo Endpoint Security Manager provides centralized management of Comodo's 7-layered security suite that proactively protects endpoints and their applications against malware and advanced threats.

Benefits of Comodo Advanced Endpoint Protection

  1. Containment with auto-sandboxing
  2. Web URL Filtering
  3. Comodo Firewall
  4. Comodo Antivirus
  5. File Lookup Services
  6. Host Intrusion Protection System (HIPS)
  7. Viruscope (Behavior Analysis)

Complete, real-time endpoint protection from zero days and malware, for uninterrupted productivity

85 Milion Installations
1 Billion files contained without infection
Comodo Brand: Trusted by six hundred
thousand business clients