2010 Security Predictions

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2010 Security Predictions
2009 began with the biggest data breach in history. Wonder what could possibly be in store this year? The experts have spoken and have issued their astute security predictions for the New Year:
Increased funding security budgets
New compliance regulations created and enforced by congress
New problems with mobile security: new mobile phone worms and Trojans
A new key area of competition: Cloud computing
Growth in desktop virtualization
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Inside Scoop
Inside Scoop
Top 2010 goals for IT professionals:
Achieve and maintain PCI Compliance
Minimize risks
Stay within budget
Many of these goals and others like it are circulating through IT departments globally. Luckily, we have painless tools that will help you test and patch security holes in your network. Please learn more about our tools here: www.hackerguardian.com.
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2010 Security Predictions
Top IT Goals
Heartland Hacker
Melih’s Advice
Industry News
Heartland Hacker: Guilty
The leader in the data breach known as the biggest data breach in history, which
happened at the beginning of 2009 and cost tens of millions of dollars has been indicted. 130 million credit card numbers were stolen in the attacks and the men who were involved in the attack face up to 25 years in prison and will be fined $2.7 M in restitution. Get the details here
Security Insider
Advice for America's Internet Czar
Comodo's CEO, Melih Abdul-
hayoglu, offers a bit of advice for the America's new Internet Czar and discusses issues of security. "We are not going to have a perimeter security anymore. Perimeter has been broken." View the video here
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