The Great Advantage of Comodo Two-Factor Authentication is Flexibility.

The Comodo Two Factor Authentication Solution

We don’t hand you a set security solution. We tailor each solution to meet user need and comfort.

While Comodo Two Factor Authentication (T-FA) is becoming a mandatory security solution for more and more companies, the level of flexibility most authentication vendors offer isn’t keeping pace! Take the most prominent T-FA provider’s devotion to Tokens as a perfect example of this lack of flexibility.

Most System and Network Administrators as well as the majority of IT Security Professionals complain that Tokens (Smart Cards and Security Tags) are costly to buy, even more costly to replace and terribly inconvenient—because so many users misplace them! Yet the world’s largest Two-Factor Authentication Provider simply doesn’t provide flexible alternatives! Why? Well, because they’re the biggest. And, for some companies, being the biggest means they decide what’s best. Not the customer.

We design T-FA Solutions to meet each client’s needs.

All Comodo T-FA Systems are top-notch mutual authentication solutions. Your website users authenticate themselves to you with information specific to them. You authenticate yourself to your users through the reassuring picture of a pad lock. You can be sure your website users are legitimate, and they can be sure your website is authentic.

But, in contrast to many of our competitors, Comodo is very flexible. We tailor each of our T-FA deployments to meet the three basic needs every client has: Security, Ease-of-Use and Cost Efficiency. Because we accommodate the needs of individual clients, instead of handing our customers a one-system-fits-all product, Comodo designs T-FA solutions that combine either One Time Password, Challenge Questions, Secure Cookie technology, or the industry’s easiest two-factor technology, Client-Side Digital Certificates (PKI), with a user name and password. And as a Certificate Authority, Comodo can offer PKI-based authentication solutions. This makes us the perfect “Alternative” to inflexible authentication vendors.

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