What is Trojan Horse Virus

Trojan horse virus is a fake file. It's a file or program that's supposed to be helpful for you but it's not. In 2017, there's a survey conducted that almost 50% of U.S. business owners didn't know that they were victims of many different cyber threats including Trojan. Thus, making Trojan horse virus one of the devious cyber attacks of all time.

How Dangerous is a Trojan Horse Virus?

A Trojan horse virus is not a virus. Yet, it's important to know the dangers of having one on your computer. It's not something to watch out for. The results can vary to what type of Trojan horse you contracted. Here are the following malicious activities of a Trojan horse virus on a computer:

The Trojan horse virus Spies
Trojans can work as a Spyware. It'll wait until you use your online accounts or enter your credit card details. Then, it'll send your passwords and other information back to the cyber criminal. After that, the cyber criminal can perform his own plans to victimize his targets.

Trojan horse virus Creates Backdoors
Trojans also has the ability to change your codes or your security system. With that, even more malware can get through your security tools without getting noticed and can cause a big security breach.

Trojan horse virus Turns Computers to Zombies
Cyber criminal don't just steal accounts or information, they also pester other people using DDoS attacks. In order to do that, they'll implant Trojans to computer and use it for their own interest. That will put you in great trouble as cyber crimes are detected through IP addresses of the computer.

Trojan horse virus Robs Phone Bills
Computers aren't the only targets of Trojans. It can also use smartphones to send expensive SMS messages to premium numbers. A cyber criminal can make money through that.

Being Safe from Trojan Horse Virus

Don't worry. Even if it seems that Trojan horses are hard to avoid, there are a couple ways to shun away Trojan horse from your computer and gadgets. You never have to deal with the deceiving Trojan horse when you observe these simple steps.

  • You always need to use your antivirus as often as possible.
  • You have to make sure your antivirus is always updated.
  • As much as possible, you have to stay out of malicious websites.
  • You must never click attachments and malicious links from unknown emails.
  • You need to use difficult passwords for your personal protection.
  • Always use firewalls for keeping your personal information safe.

On the Final Note

Cyber criminals targets all types of computer and smartphone users. They won't stop 'til they get money out from your pockets. They even love to harass small time users because they don't have enough protection and advanced technical knowledge.

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