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DRAGON ENTERPRISE PLATFORM Provides Endpoint Detection and Response Built On Zero Trust Architecture available on our Saas EPP

Our Advanced Auto-Containment System ensures your endpoints are protected against any current or unknown threat in the future.

Our Competition Cannot Keep Up!

Comodo Advanced Endpoint Protection

Comodo Advanced Endpoint Protection

85 Million Endpoints. 0 Infections!

Did you know?

We Prevent Cyberattacks & Breaches through Innovation

Over 850 Cyber-Security Scientists and Engineers bringing Innovation in Cyber Security
Because we understand Science, we understand the Challenges!

There are two Scientific challenges in Endpoint Security today

Halting Problem

An undecidable Problem in Computer Science

Alan Turing proved in 1936 that a general algorithm (software code) running on a Turing machine that solves the halting problem for all possible program-input pairs necessarily cannot exist. Hence, the halting problem is undecidable for Turing machines....

What is it?

In computability theory and computational complexity theory, an undecidable problem is a decision problem for which it is known to be impossible to construct a single algorithm that always leads to a correct yes-or-no answer.

Plainly put: A software (algorithm) cannot determine if another software halted or not...

It is not possible to decide algorithmically whether a Turing machine will ever halt.

This theory still holds true today! There is no endpoint security vendor who will claim otherwise...They can't!.

How it applies to Malware detection and endpoint protection?

A malware is an "algorithm" a "software" behavior an antivirus product, whether a legacy antivirus, heuristic based antivirus, behaviour based antivirus, statistics based antivirus or next gen AI based end point protection product is still is "software". And Science has proven it that a "Software" cannot determine if another "Software" halted or not. An Endpoint Protection product has to make a decision about another software and ultimately it has to make this decision without ever knowing if the other software (potentially malicious software) ever finished doing what it is supposed to do or not. Because it can never know that, it can never find all the malicious software. At the end of the day, all these software solutions do nothing but attempt at offering "some" probabilistic solution to the "Halting Problem" which they face, which they know can not be 100%.

Bottom line is, you can never have 100% malware detection using software! Now you have a scientific explanation as to why your endpoint security products let malware in!

Default Allow Posture

There are two security postures for the endpoint security...Default Allow...Default Deny...

Default Allow: Allow everyone in but known bad. Look for bad indicators...allow everyone in who does not have bad indicator

Problem: Halting Problem means you can't detect all bad, which means by allowing everyone you are allowing in potential malware.

Default Deny: Does not detect bad but only allows known good in.

Problem: On its own it is difficult to use, end user experience affected, not practical. In order to mitigate breaches needs to be implemented in a form that is more than a simple application control.

Having a Default Allow posture, while knowing Halting Problem exist (i.e: you can't detect 100% the malware), means you will get infected and suffer a cyber breach. Scientifically proven.

100% Detection does not Exist (Scientifically proven)...You are letting All the Unknowns in!!!!

Problem Summary: Using a "Default Allow" posture

Our innovation overcomes these two challenges

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Why Us

Our Value Proposition for you

We Prevent Breaches

Click on anything

Run any software

No more Dwell time

No more False positives

No more remediation

No more chasing tail "trying to detect"

We Understand File States

(World's Only Company to do so)

File exist in 3 states...

Good, Bad & Unknown

Allow Good...

Stop Bad..

Automatically Contain Unknown

(in CPU Enforced OS Virtualization)

We Automatically Contain The "UNKNOWN"

The Unknown file is the enemy.

We "Temporarily" run the unknown in our patented Containment (CPU-enforced OS Virtualization)

We Give Every File A Verdict

Once an unknown file is contained...

We will give each and every file 100% Trusted Verdict!

We Don't do "Assumption" based verdicts

We provide SLA for our Verdicts

We use Human Analysts for 100% trusted verdicts.

You will KNOW EVERY FILE in your Network!

You can say: I KNOW there is no Malware in my Network!

All Threat Vectors Covered

EXEs, DLLs, emails, USB files

Day zero attacks

All known attacks

fileless malware

Any and every malicious code..known or unknown

Full Forensic analysis report on every malware

Amazingly Low Resource Requirements

Less than 20Mb

Less than 1% of CPU

Works even with XP

Processor agnostic

Battle tested with over 85Million endpoints(The only CPU Enforced OS Virtualization with this many endpoints)


We Have

Award Winning Security to protect your clients from cyber attack

advanced endpoint protection
  • Click on anything or run any software with no limitation...
  • We will make sure everything you run is 100% Safe!
  • Heck, go head run live Malware on your computer... You will still be safe!
  • With patented OS – Virtualization and Human Intelligence in 100% verdicts overcomes the endpoint security challenges.
  • For the first ever, you will achieve Default Deny Security Posture with Default Allow Usability
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This is

How We Are Unique

The days of running unknown files are over.... Every file you run will have a 100% Trusted Verdict.
Its time for endpoint security vendors to stop burdening end users with decision and provide verdicts for 100% of each and every file

Enterprise Security Solutions
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Best ROI... Best Security

Enhanced Security through shared Intelligence. 13 different capabilities sharing intelligence to make a more informed decision

1 endpoint agent to run....1 endpoint agent to pay for...10 other single point solutions replaced with one Endpoint Security Platform! (3 capabilities ONLY Comodo offers)

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Thousands of companies and organizations rely on Comodo’s technology


"Our paramount concern had been how we prepare for the unknown and how we ensure the protection of our endpoints. Comodo came in and solved our concerns with the most advanced threat containment technology I have ever seen."

Bolmet SA

Mr. Michal Zientara, IT Manager, BOLMET SA

Christian Motorcyclists Association

"Before Comodo, we were going through what seemed to be daily malware fixes and problems. Since Comodo, we've had zero malware or spyware issues. We don't fear that unknown, zero day threat because we know the Comodo Advanced Endpoint Protection suite can handle anything the cyber criminals try and throw at it."

Christian Motorcyclists Association

Mr. Clint Davis, IT Manager, Christian Motorcyclists Association.

City of Danville

"We selected Comodo and its Advanced Endpoint Protection solution because it clearly addresses the problem of malware and cyber-attacks through a unique containment technology. Also, its prevention philosophy is different from anything else in the market today."


Agnel DSilva, Information Technology Administrator for the City of Danville

City of Thousand Oaks

"Comodo Advanced Endpoint Protection gives us a streamlined dashboard where we can manage our endpoints, keep them secure, and perform installations and updates to our technology—with zero interruptions to our users."


Mr. Dustin Hurshman, IT Analyst, the City of Thousand Oaks.

CMNetworx Computer Services

"Comodo's technology has the ability to automatically contain any file that might be harmful or cause disruption to us – and contain that file automatically. There is so much malware and spam in the world today, I need to be sure that I'm using the very best technology that can automatically contain and control these threats and never have them negatively impact my IT environment. Comodo technology contains all threats – known and unknown – and keeps my IT environment secure."


Mr. Kris Wolf, CEO and Owner, CMNetworx Computer Services

Community Action Committee

"We ran multiple tests and benchmarks of putting Comodo, Symantec and other anti-virus technologies against one other to simply pick out who would perform best. When we tested the Comodo endpoint security product, it detected viruses and malware that none of the other competing products detected. It was right then and there that we knew Comodo's technology had to be the new solution for us to protect our critical data."

Community Action Committee

Mr. Matthew Dill, IT Coordinator, Community Action Committee of Pike County

eWinery Solutions

"For more than a year, we have been using Comodo ESM and we've never had an issue related to malware or spyware penetrating our IT environment. The Comodo ESM solution contains any outside threats and keeps them away from our critical infrastructure, while at the same time giving our IT team tremendous insight, freedom and flexibility to configure the solution in the most optimal way for us. It's a win-win security solution for us and we are proud to use Comodo."

eWinery Solutions

Mr. Joe Eaton, Technical Systems Manager, eWinery Solutions

HRI Properties

"The Comodo Advanced Endpoint Protection console is a valuable source for information on all of our endpoints, providing a snapshot of resource utilization, event log entries and overall protection strategy. We can't imagine using any other security software other than Comodo to protect our endpoints."

HRI Properties

Mr. Wayne Clement, Jr., IT Security Analyst, HRI Properties

Licking School District

"The key with Comodo's ESM solution is that its unique containment technology truly protects our endpoints from any outside threat to our IT system – regardless of what that threat might be. We are protected and safe and able to run applications freely in a contained, controlled and safe environment – with zero interruption to our users."

Licking School District

Mr. Michael Allen, Technology Director, Licking School District in Texas County, Missouri

Mid-South Steel

"For the past year, Comodo ESM has contained our network from the possibility of any known or unknown threats from penetrating our IT environment. It keeps our critical information intact and protects us from malware and spyware – with no interruption to any of our users"

Mid-South Steel

Sonny Underwood, IT Director, Mid-South Steel Products, Inc.

Perry Community School District

"We are thrilled with the endpoint security protection suite that Comodo provided for our IT environment. Comodo Endpoint Security Management gives us peace of mind, where our students can freely take advantage of all the great technology we have in place to share and exchange information to improve themselves as students. Because we are now using Comodo and its containment technology, we are not at risk to have any of our school or student data exposed to cyber attacks, and that makes me and my team sleep easier at night."

Perry Community School District

Mr. Rich Nichols, Director of Technology, Perry Community School District

Proactive Remote Computer Solutions

"The unique containment technology that makes up the foundation of Comodo Advanced Endpoint Protection is completely different than anything in the market today – focusing on prevention, not detection – and that's what sets it apart. Also the ESM dashboard allows for panoramic insight and control over all aspects of endpoint protection for both me and my customers – saving me time, money and resources – without sacrificing features or security protection."

Mr. Chad Barnard, CEO, Proactive Remote Computer Solutions

Rahr Malting Company

"As a company that works across a global network, we have hundreds of endpoints in various forms, all of which could be at risk for a virus or rogue malware. We have been thrilled with how Comodo Advanced Endpoint Protection fits into our IT environment."

Rahr Malting Company

Mr. Josh Vogel, Manager of Network Administration, Rahr Malting Company

Scheurich GmbH & Co.KG

"We have been thrilled with the partnership with Dr. Deutsch GmbH as well as with Comodo's endpoint security technology because it protects our IT environment from both known – and unknown threats. Comodo's containment technology is like a fortress for our IT environment – keeping the bad and unknown files away from our endpoints, while at the same time allowing all of our good files to be fully accessed by our employees and not impacting productivity."

Scheurich GmbH & Co.KG

Mr. Joerg Chemii, IT Manager for Scheurich GmbH & Co.KG

Southlands English School

"We've been running Comodo Advanced Endpoint Protection for over a year now and we have never encountered a security or malware issue. Comodo's automatic containment technology—which clearly separates Comodo from all other products – keeps our endpoints secure. The fact that my IT system can automatically contain a piece of malware gives me peace of mind. Every enterprise should use Comodo ESM if they want to protect themselves from unknown malware."

Southlands English School

Mr. Luca Iacono, Technology Officer, Southlands English School