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Hackers find enterprises as a rich source of data, that can help them to gain their monetary benefits; as enterprises hold a complex structure of network, mobile and cloud services to associate with partners, customers and employees. However, the grass is much greener on the other side; cybercriminals find sophisticated attack mechanisms to comprise the enterprise system through endpoints connected to the enterprise network. It is therefore critical to protect the enterprise network with endpoint protection software.

Do you have the right endpoint security software? If not, you’re in the right place. In this article, we will discuss what endpoint protection software is, and which endpoint security software is the best in the market.

What is Endpoint Protection Software?

Endpoint Protection Software includes multiple security methods and techniques under one roof to ensure multi-level layer protection and is located on a centrally managed and accessible server within the network. It comprises of antivirus, firewall, intrusion prevention technique, behavior monitoring mechanism, etc. Endpoints are devices like PCs, smartphones, laptops, tablets, etc., related to the Internet of Things which are associated with the enterprise network. The endpoint protection can be claimed efficient only when the types of devices it supports and security software components comply with a certain set of protection standards.

There are many endpoint security software available; however, it is critical for the enterprises to understand their security needs and specific requirements, while they can choose the right one that would best match to protect their endpoints from being compromised.

Top 5 Endpoint Security Software for 2021

  • Comodo AEP
  • Symantec
  • Sophos
  • Carbonblac- Cb Defense
  • Bromium

Comodo Advanced Endpoint Protection (AEP)

Comodo AEP tops the list by providing 360-degree protection to the endpoints connected to the enterprise network both locally and virtually. It integrates a number of security techniques and products to entitle the enterprise network with complete protection. The integrated combination of on-premise and cloud-based endpoint security alongside mobile device and inventory management solutions intercepts any unknown files or programs from interfering the endpoints or the endpoint network.


Host Intrusion Prevention System (HIPS) – It obstructs malicious activities by monitoring the behavior of the code.

Award-winning Host Firewall

Containment Technology – This works on Artificial Intelligence and moves the unknown files in a virtual isolated container. This file is later analyzed and the intention of the file is known.

VirusScope – This feature is used to monitor the complete system both inside and outside the containment. It monitors the processes that are running, checks for any malicious activities and records them if there exists any and finally removes them instantly. This is also called a Behaviour Blocker.

Comodo Client –This ensures that the users can run programs and applications on their enterprise endpoints; however, the known good applications run as usual in the normal way while the unknown suspicious files are run in the virtual environment.

IT and Security Manager – It is a single console to ensure efficient IT security and device management. It provides a complete report on the status of each device and its level of security.

Valkyrie – This is an advanced malware analysis system that helps to analyze the submitted file. It provides an instant verdict on the unknown process.
CyberSecurity Breakthrough awarded Comodo AEP as the “APT Software of the Year 2017”

Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP)

Symantec Endpoint Protection offers instant detection and response, prevention, deception, and adaptation.


  • The multi-layered approach of protection.
  • Machine learning and behavior analysis.
  • Terminates zero day attacks.
  • Optimized Security System.
  • Hardening – A virtual advanced application security solution that provides a hardened isolated environment to run suspicious applications and protecting the trusted ones.
  • Automatically classifies applications based on the risk levels of all endpoint application.
  • Symantec Endpoint Protection has won AVTest award for Best Protection in 2016.

Sophos Endpoint Protection

This offers a single unified console to deliver and simplify security for business. It protects all the devices connected to the network, both on cloud and on-premises much efficiently to drive away threats.


  • Anti-malware, HIPS
  • Identifies and intercepts the malicious traffic
  • Robust policy enforcement — with device, application, web, device and enables data control
  • Implements real-time threat intelligence
  • Web filtering
  • Prevents and blocks methods and techniques used by attackers to exploit the vulnerabilities of the software.
  • System cleanup
  • Sophos has won AV-Test’s Best Usability Award for 2014

Carbonblack – Cb Defense

Cb Defense from Carbonblack offers cloud-based antivirus and Endpoint Detection and Response to obstruct unknown and zero-day threats, non-malware attacks and ransomware. It implements a unique pattern to effectively prevent attacks and threats in any form even before it tries and enters the system.


  • Terminates malware, ransomware and even non-malware attacks
  • Automated prevention — Automatically prevents attacks — online as well as offline
  • Ensure consistent and centralized monitoring and recording
  • Cloud-based malware protection
  • Does not have any impact on the performance
  • User-friendly and easy to deploy


Bromium features its patented micro-virtualization technology to protect its enterprises from malware attacks.


  • Bromium Microvisor is used for each task of the files that the user performs using unknown sources.
  • Isolated virtual Machines to isolate suspicious user tasks into a secure environment.
  • Gives a clear visibility of tasks running within the Virtual Machine.


Most of the cyber-security products follow a default-allow approach pattern that easily allows unknown applications to run giving unrestricted access to the system; This allows the hackers to access the endpoints of the organizations’ network.

Comodo Advanced Endpoint Protection gives comprehensive protection and advanced security measures to render even the most threatening sophisticated threats useless and keep hackers at bay.

Best Endpoint Protection
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