Zero-Hour Detection: The First Step to Guaranteed Protection

As breaches and hacks consistently rise in prevalence, cyber-security is no longer an option – it’s an absolute necessity. There’s a notion among many companies that what has occurred to a countless amount of big-name (and other) companies somehow will never happen to them. Truth is: no company is exempt from the advanced threats and breaches that plague the internet today. So, the question remains: what’s the best possible solution?

With any issue, it’s imperative to address the root of the problem in order to effectively provide a solution. There are 1 million new viruses created every day, only further increasing the possibility of threats lurking on your endpoints. In addition to having unique visibility into the Dark Web by leveraging 85+ million endpoints and also providing 45 second file verdicts 95% of the time – Comodo has some of the most innovative security solutions, designed to combat the advanced threats we unearth daily. From this visibility, we know that being proactive rather than reactive is the only way to guarantee protection against sophisticated vectors.

Malware Scan for Discovery: A Proactive Approach to Security

Comodo’s Forensic Analysis Tool is a FREE and comprehensive solution that detects all types of malware to provide you with visibility into the current threats on your endpoints, which can ultimately result in your critical data being compromised.

Comodo’s ongoing mission is ‘Creating Trust Online’. With dedication to that mission, we’ve created the Forensic Analysis Tool that serves the purpose of keeping the internet and your endpoints malware-free. The first step to protection is detection. And in order to detect all malware, both known and unknown, you must have the appropriate tool for a proactive security-solution. Our Forensic Analysis Tool possesses all the necessary features to keep your endpoints secure and to find out what unknown malware is hiding on your network and endpoints – all in as little as 15 minutes.

Simple and Efficient: How it Works

Designed with your business in mind, the Comodo Forensic Analysis Tool is a lightweight, easy-to-use scanner which identifies unknown and potentially malicious files residing on your network. All audited files are then classified as safe, malicious, or unknown through the tool and Valkyrie, our cloud-based file analysis, where they will be tested to determine whether they are harmful or not.

You can view a report of these tests in the CFA interface, which displays results of the files analyzed by both Forensic Analysis and Valkyrie analysis. You can also opt to have detailed scan reports sent to your email.

Comprehensive Scan and Detection: Features and Benefits

When running the Forensic Analysis Tool, you can select the specific scan targets that best meet your company’s network setup. The easy-to-use Scan Wizard gives you an option to select one of the following scan targets:

  • Active Directory: Suitable for a corporate environment where a large number of endpoints need to be scanned within a network.
  • Workgroup: Allows you to add computers that belong to a work group.
  • Network Address: Specify target endpoints by host name, IP address or IP range.
  • This Computer: Allows you to run a scan on your local device.

Once our Valkyrie analysis platform has found verdicts for both known and unknown files, your results will be automatically shown in the Forensic Analysis Tool’s interface. Scan results are listed for each computer by name with their detected files; and each row has a quick summary of the scan results, including total files scanned and how many were malicious or unknown. Administrators can view the infected files, malicious files, the files that are in analysis, and unknown files all in the CFA interface.

The Comodo Forensic Analysis Tool provides three different types of reports:

  • Executive Valkyrie Report: A summary of scan results which provides details such as when the scan was started and finished, number of devices scanned, and so on.
  • Device Valkyrie Report: The ‘Per Device Report’ shows the trust rating of files on each device scanned. It includes details of malicious items found on each device, unknown files found, files that are still in-analysis and the path of files.
  • Program Valkyrie Report: The ‘Per Program Report’ shows the footprint of each file analyzed by Valkyrie. This includes details of each malicious/unknown file found, the devices on which they were found, the path of the files and more.

Other critical features of the tool’s interface include the following:

  • Title Bar: Displays the scanning progress.
  • Menu Bar: Contains controls for using the application.
  • Reports: Allows administrators to view reports generated by Valkyrie.
  • Help: The ‘About’ menu contains troubleshooting advice and shows product and version information.
  • Search: Allows administrators to search for listed endpoints by name.
  • Main Display Area: Displays details of scanned endpoints and the results from Valkyrie. Also contains the controls for scanning and for launching local or custom scans.
    • Scan Now – Scan endpoints on your local network to identify unknown files.
    • Custom Scan – Allows you to scan endpoints in a Workgroup, Active Directory, or Network Addresses. You can also scan your local computer.
  • Email Form Area: Enter your email address after the Valkyrie analysis is complete to receive a detailed scan report.

You can gain all of the features and benefits of our Forensic Analysis tool at no cost, as part of our pledge to create trust online by simply giving you visibility into the threats against the endpoints that hold your most valuable assets. It is estimated that traditional antivirus software can only catch 40% of all malware in the world today. The other 60% are “unknown”. But with the backing of our Valkyrie cloud-based engine and our unique visibility, Comodo’s Forensic Analysis Tool detects all unknown files.

1 out of every 3 devices we’ve scanned with our Forensic Analysis Tool result in malware or unknown file types found. Be 100% sure that yours isn’t one of them by starting with a malware discovery using Comodo Forensic Analysis Tool.

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