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Breach Prevention & Compliance


Alert, Alert, Alert – Tired of Security Alerts? cWatch provides a managed solution to your security alert problem.

cWatch provides relief from the security alert problem providing a fully managed Breach Prevention and Compliance solution. It’s modular design allows you to deploy just the sensors your organization needs from Web Application Security (WAF), Endpoints, Database or Networks both on premises or in the cloud. cWatch expert security professionals at Comodo Security Operations Center (SOC) and Comodo Threat Research Labs (CTRL) monitor your organization with 24/7 human analysis and alert generation, providing your organization with exactly the information needed to keep your data safe.

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Breach Prevention Compliance

cWatch sensors and agents collect data and feed it back to the Comodo SOC and CTRL experts who can identify problems in real-time and respond to emerging threats before they become an issue.

Let us show you how cWatch Managed Breach Prevention and Compliance will help you manage your organizations security posture.

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