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Total Email Security & Operational Freedom

Comodo Email Security manages and filters all inbound and outbound email traffic to provide complete protection for your organization from the ever increasing deluge of spam, sophisticated email borne threats and sensitive data leaks. Comodo Threat Research Labs and over 20 layers of filtering control, combined with a server reputation network that can identify human vs machine based email senders, provide next generation pre perimeter spam, phishing, and malware protection. This ensures each incoming email poses ZERO risk to your end users.

Distributed Protection for the Cloud Era

Migrating your email services to a cloud based service like Microsoft Office365 gives your organization reduced management overhead and versatile access to email. However, trusting your critical data to the cloud raises important security, compliance and data protection concerns. Comodo Antispam Gateway (ASG) provides revolutionary multi-layer security, archiving and backup, allowing you to operate faster, safer and more efficiently in Microsoft Office365 and other cloud platforms.

Comodo Advanced Containment

Comodo's unique containment technology is radically different to traditional email security solutions and ensures that risks are fully contained before reaching the end point so there is no risk of infection even from the newest malware. Comodo Dome utilizes the Valkyrie file verdict platform that has the fastest file verdict capabilities in the industry and utilizes a combination of static, dynamic and advanced behavioral analysis to inspect files as they're being downloaded. It quickly renders risk verdicts for any email attachment – normally within 40 seconds – five times faster than our closest competitor. While Valkyrie analyzes unknown files, users are free to open, execute and use the attachments with ZERO risk of infection. Comodo's containment technology is agentless, extremely lightweight, has no CPU dependencies and is application-agnostic.

Secure, Simplify & Transform Your Email Security

Comodo solves the email security problem with advanced antispam capabilities in conjunction with a revolutionary Default Deny architecture that takes full advantage of Comodo's Valkyrie cloud file verdict system to rapidly identify all known good, known bad and, most importantly, unknown attachments before they are delivered to user mailboxes. Even if a file is classified as unknown and unrecognized by all antivirus engines on the market, Comodo's advanced portable containment technology allows users to receive, access and execute attachments, with zero chance of infection.

Let us show you how Comodo email security solutions will allow you to reclaim your email with a range of cutting-edge technologies that will enable you to archive and respond to emergency situations, while at the same time effectively detecting and blocking spam, malicious emails, and targeted attacks.

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