If you work on a PC regularly, then you may know about the trojan horse virus, its effect on your computer, and how to remove trojan from PC. It is an infection that gets attached to certain files in your PC and programs that you download from the web. The fundamental characteristic of this virus is that once it gets into your PC, it begins destroying the files.

How to Remove Trojan From PC?

Highlights of the Trojan Horse Virus

The main difference between a trojan horse virus and a typical PC virus is that a trojan is not created to spread itself. A trojan horse virus is downloaded either as a payload of a different infection or an infected file from the web. This infection is capable of downloading other malware to a PC and stealing end-user data. To fight this tricky virus and know how to remove trojan from PC, your PC is furnished with a firewall. You can also install antivirus software. But an antivirus is not always effective to automatically remove trojan virus from PC. In this case, you will have to remove the trojan horse virus manually.

Steps for Manual Removal of Trojan

There are straightforward steps that you can follow to remove trojan from PC manually.

1. Recognize It

After recognizing that a file is contaminated with a trojan horse virus, it becomes easy to remove. For the most part, your system will give you a DLL error, which is related to the trojan horse virus attack. You can copy the error and get answers on the affected EXE file on the internet.

2. Stop System Restore

If you overlook this step, then it will restore the files you erase.

3. Restart Your PC

Select “Safe Mode” when restarting your PC.

4. Add or Remove Programs

You will find this in the Control Panel. Afterward, remove the programs affected by the trojan horse virus.

5. Remove Extensions

To erase all files of a program, you should remove them from the System folder.

When you have done the following steps to remove trojan from PC, you should restart your system in Normal Mode.

Another way to remove trojan from PC manually includes these steps:

  1. Show the hidden folders in the Folder options.
  2. Restart the system in Safe Mode.
  3. Stop the processes that are related to the trojan horse virus.

To finish these steps to remove trojan from PC, you should edit your system’s registry.

Remove Trojan From PC: Points to Ponder

To remove the contaminated files from your registry, you should find the file in your RUN folder. Once you find it, you should erase the DLLs and EXE files identified with the trojan horse virus. Then, you can finally delete the value.

You should also check the Startup folder and see what programs are loaded when you start your system. This technique is useful for those who have knowledge about editing the registry. Otherwise, you will have to use an advanced program to remove trojan from PC.

Best Application For Removal

The best application to remove trojan from PC is an anti-malware. Anti-malware offers a free scan to identify trojan horse viruses and other malware dangers.

Erasing a trojan horse virus is troublesome. The most recent anti-malware applications are powerful enough to remove trojan from PC, as well as any malware that might harm your PC’s performance.

Comodo Forensic Analysis Tool is the most ideal approach. It will guarantee assurance against refined vectors. Comodo Forensic Analysis Tool has the most imaginative security solutions. Its structure will fight any advanced dangers revealed, step by step. Comodo Forensic Analysis Tool is proactive.

The free Forensic Analysis Tool from Comodo uses a licensed procedure. It has a default deny approach to stop unknown risks. Organizations can shield every endpoint from data breaches, cyber attacks, ransomware, and more.

The Comodo Forensic Analysis Tool gives three types of reports:

Device Valkyrie Report

This “Per Device Report” shows the trust rating of files on each device filtered. It includes a report of malicious items found on each device. It likewise describes the files that are analyzed.

Program Valkyrie Report

This “Per Program Report” shows the impression of each file analyzed by Valkyrie. This includes details of each malicious or unknown file. It likewise states where were they found and their paths.

Executive Valkyrie Report

This is a list of scan results and details, for example, when the scan began and finished, the number of gadgets inspected, and so forth. You needn't bother with any updates. You can focus on doing work that matters the most.

Set up your free Comodo Forensic Analysis Tool to remove Trojan from PC. Put it under serious scrutiny at https://enterprise.comodo.com/freeforensicanalysis-lurkingthreats/.

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