What is a Keylogger Detector?

keylogger detector

A keylogger detector is a program specifically designed to prevent keyloggers from infecting the computer. It scans the file and computer to detect a keylogger. Thus, keeps your personal information from getting compromised.

How does a Keylogger Detector Work?

A keylogger detector works by combining different malware removal tools to prevent keyloggers. Here are they:

Signature-Based Detection

Signature-Based Detection is for collecting the file code to identify if it’s safe or malicious. It sends the file code to a huge database that contains virus signatures, then the code is compared with the virus signatures. If it matches any of the signatures, it is flagged as a threat. Therefore, it is blocked from the computer.


Heuristics is for identifying threats without a fixed signature. Some malware can provide a valid signature to bypass Signature-Based Detection. However, once the file shows any suspicious behavior, Heuristics constantly monitors it to prevent it from harming the computer.


A keylogger detector uses a sandbox to contain any suspicious file. This is where the file is observed to determine if it is harmful. Once confirmed as a threat, it is removed from the computer.

That is how a keylogger detector detects and prevents different types of keyloggers.

To better understand how helpful a keylogger detector can be, we highlighted some benefits of a keylogger detector.

1. A Keylogger Detector Prevents your Personal Account from Getting Hacked

As we already all know, hackers deploy a keylogger to steal username and password to access personal accounts for monetary gain. They use a keylogger primarily for making unauthorized transactions.

A keylogger detector prevents this from happening as it detects and blocks a keylogger when it enters the computers. Even if a keylogger is disguised as a genuine application, it will still be detected.

2. A Keylogger Detector Protects your Privacy

A keylogger can log every character you enter on the keyboard. Which means that the person who deploys a keylogger can read almost everything you type on the computer. That includes online searches, chats, web registrations, and more!

When using our computers, we want to keep personal things private. With a keylogger installed on the computer, you are assured that no one can read your personal conversations without your knowledge.

3. A Keylogger Detector Prevents a Data Breach

Some hackers use a keylogger to steal confidential information from private companies and government offices. With the sensitive information in the wrong hand, hackers can use it to extort money from victims.

A keylogger detector protects data stored on endpoint devices. It detects a keylogger distributed by spear phishing, drive-by-downloads, and phishing URLs.

Keylogger infections are rampant, it is important to protect your computer with the best keylogger detector.

For a personal computer, we highly recommend Comodo Anti Malware. It detects a keylogger quickly. It also protects you from trojan, spyware, rootkit, and ransomware. Comodo Anti malware is lightweight and effective.

If you want a keylogger detector for your business network, choose Comodo Advanced Endpoint Protection.

What is Comodo Advanced Endpoint Protection?

Comodo Advanced Endpoint Protection is a trusted security solution that prevents network and data breaches. By protecting the critical parts of the computer, it keeps your sensitive information safe.

It Protects the Keyboard from Direct Access

A keylogger gains direct access to your keyboard. But Comodo Advanced Endpoint Protection constantly monitors the keyboard against direct access. It has a Host Intrusion Prevention System that detects and blocks sophisticated types of keyloggers.

It Monitors the Computer Memory and Registry from Malicious Modifications

Comodo Advanced Endpoint Protection also monitors computer memory and registry against unauthorized modifications. It prevents fileless malware from modifying data and registry keys to gain administrators privileges.

It Monitors the Hard Drive from Unauthorized Access

Comodo Advanced Endpoint Protection also prevents unauthorized access to the hard drive. It prevents backdoor and other data-stealing malware from accessing the file system.


A keylogger detector is a great tool to keep your personal information safe from different types of keyloggers. Installing the best keylogger detector is a sure way to protect you from network breaches and data theft.

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