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Enterprise Newsletter | November 2009
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Firewall & Comodo EPSM
"Perfect" Comodo Firewall Can Be Yours with Comodo Endpoint Security Manager
"As the first product, Comodo Internet Security reached the perfect score against all 84 tests in the testing suite. Congratulations!" wrote the editors of the Matousec challenge site.
Matousec tested 33 PC firewalls, including... Comodo firewall  
Penetration Testing: Take security to the next level
Is your system vulnerable to crackers? Please watch this video
Comodo CA can test your website by manually simulating an attack from a...
Penetration testing  
The Financial Impact of Cyber Security: 50 Questions Every CFO Should Ask
What is our risk exposure of technology or business operations failures at our vendors and service providers? What does cyber risk insurance cover? Learn about probability (frequency) of financial loss for certain risk events, and ...
Financial Impact Whitepaper  
Be Very Selective about the Apps on Your Mobile Devices
"Giving someone your contacts list is like (giving) a goldmine to a criminal," said Comodo CEO Melih Abdulhayoglu on WPIX-TV's Help Me Howard segment, advising caution in Melih Abdulhayoglu on download apps  
Why Is Creating Trust Online So Important to Comodo?
The Comodo companies, whose watchwords are "Creating Trust Online," underline the benefits of trust. According to, a gateway to resources in Supply Chain Risk and Business Continuity, trust builds goodwill and strategic alliances:
Trust is a multilevel phenomenon that exists at the personal, organizational, and interorganizational level. Trust is a key element in Trust  
4 dangerous myths about data disposal
Myth 2: Storage is cheap.
Fact: Over-retention is costly.
What you learn from ITWorld Canada's article can save your enterprise money and limit you legal exposure . Read 4 dangerous myths about data disposal  
Unfortunately, You Can't Handcuff Laptops to Employees' Wrists
It's hard enough to protect sensitive corporate data stored on your premises inside locked offices. It is even harder to protect the information that walks out the door, inside USB keys, laptops and PDAs. Learn about seven best practices to protect your organization's data at  
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