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Why Is Creating Trust Online So Important to Comodo?

Trust is a multilevel phenomenon that exists at the personal, organizational, and interorganizational level. Trust is a key element in cooperative relationships, since it can be viewed as a positive expectation regarding another's goodwill. Similar to risk, trust is divided into two dimensions: 1) goodwill trust – faith in each other, in each other's good intentions and in each other's integrity, and 2) competence trust – the sense of confidence that the partner is capable of accomplishing the given tasks in an alliance.

Comodo branded security and compliance products create the competence trust underpinning goodwill trust. Goodwill, as the accountants tell us, is the portion of the book value of a business entity not directly attributable to its assets and Liabilities it's the dollar value of the company once you subtract its assets. Enterprises might not explore that value except when they are on the block, but it is unquestionably there and quantifiable. Building trust with competent security and compliance pays off in enhanced goodwill. You don't count it every day, or even every year, but it's there.


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