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The US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has delayed the compliance deadline of the Red Flags Rule until Nov. 1, 2009. If your business provides goods or services before invoicing, this rule may apply to you.
The "Red Flags" Rule: Are You Complying with New Requirements for Fighting Identity Theft?.
by Tiffany George and Pavneet Singh, attorneys in the Federal Trade Commission's Division of Privacy and Identity Protection.
The expression "red flag" signals "Danger: Be alert to problems ahead." For millions of consumers every year, identity theft is more than a threat - it's their reality. The economic, psychological, and emotional harm to victims can be devastating. But businesses often bear the biggest part of the monetary damage from identity theft.
It's everyone's responsibility to do what they can to fight identity theft. But businesses and organizations that offer credit or other financial services can be the first to spot the red...
Red Flags Rule  
US Tax Dollars at Work
The US Department of Homeland Security has issued its IT Baseline Risk Assessment.
Information Technology Sector Baseline Risk Assessment  
Comodo® HackerGuardian™ Includes Patent-Pending PCI Vulnerability Scans in the Cloud.
With Comodo HackerGuardian, businesses can now run remote scans of their internal and external networks using the same software. A lightweight bootable agent installed on one of the local network nodes can be activated by an employee who may be located in another state, or even on another continent.
Cloud-based PCI  
12 technology terms that date you
Just the other day, we mentioned tractor-feed printers and saw some alarming blank looks in the faces of our Gen Y co-workers. To avoid another faux pas, we read this article from Toni Bowers at TechRepublic. Hope you enjoy it, too.
12 technology terms  
Finally Understand What a Session Key Is
Thanks to Michel Kabay, PhD, Associate Chair of Computing, and Associate Professor of Information Assurance, School of Business & Management at Norwich University. Open Professor Kabay's narrated PowerPoint presentation, Cryptography Fundamentals. When the first slide opens up, please hit <shift> <F5> to launch the audio portion.
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All Month: Comodo Observes National Cyber Security Awareness Month
Comodo joins other national organizations in recognizing October 2009 as National Cyber Security Awareness Month. The National Cyber Security Alliance, a consortium of government agencies and private industry sponsors, organizes this campaign to increase the public's awareness of cyber security and crime issues, so that citizens can take precautions to avoid those threats on the Internet. Please visit http://www.testmypcsecurity.com/ for free remote PC security information and testing.
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