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Comodo HackerGuardian™ Includes Patent-Pending PCI Vulnerability Scans in the Cloud

October 9, 2009

Comodo HackerGuardian's Internal Scanning feature allows PCI DSS-compliant merchants to run vulnerability scans on computers located on a local area network. These computers are typically 'inside' the company's private network and are protected by a perimeter firewall or other network security device. In order to run an internal scan, the administrator must first run the Comodo HackerGuardian internal scanning agent on the local network.

Once installed and configured, this Agent will establish a secure connection to a Comodo HackerGuardian Access server which will in turn establish a secure communication channel (connection) to a Comodo HackerGuardian scanning server. The scanning server will then be able to connect to and run scans on the local computers located at the IP addresses that have been specified in the 'LAN Devices' area of the Comodo HackerGuardian interface. The Agent software is available as an ISO image (to create a Live CD) or as files (to create a Live USB stick). The scans can be run directly by booting the device through either the Live CD or the Live USB stick.

Hackerguardian PCI Scan Compliancy is a vulnerability assessment scanning solution designed to achieve and maintain industry compliance. Administrators can run up to 10 scans per quarter over a maximum of 5 externally facing IP addresses that touch the credit card acceptance, transmission and storage process (additional IP packs are available).


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