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Scan in the Clouds to Avoid Data Breaches
HackerGuardian™ now includes a patent-pending process for scanning vulnerabilities of internal networks in the cloud. This innovation is available with the newest release of HackerGuardian.
Avoid Data Breaches  
Inventorying PKI Certificates Just Got Easier
Enterprises may have hundreds, or even thousands, of SSL Certificates installed across their global network. These types of large and distributed deployments typically inundate managers with the immense task of accounting and administering this inventory.
Inventorying PKI Certificates  
Test-Drive Comodo Two-Factor Authentication
Comodo Two-Factor Authentication is now available with an interactive demo . Register now to try this powerful offering for yourself; navigate its responsive administrative module and look under the hood.
Comodo Two-Factor Authentication  
Does Your Mouth Water When We Mention Blackberry Cookies?
Not the kind you dunk in a venti cappuccino, but the kind you install on Research in Motion Blackberries, enabling Two-Factor Authentication? A July, 2009, report from IDC showed three Blackberry models among the ten top-selling smart phones.
Blackberry Cookies  
Secure Five Network Endpoints Today-Free
Threats to Company Security and Profitability No Longer an Issue - Businesses of all sizes face endpoint security challenges. Limited IT staff, limited software budgets, non-standard PC endpoint software and immature and/or loosely-enforced security policies all threaten the integrity of corporate networks.
Five Network Endpoints  
Lose a Laptop, Pay a Fine, Lose a Customer: Prudent Protection
Comodo Endpoint Security Manager now includes disk encryption. If you lose a portable device that contains confidential information, you are on the hook for big fines. Worse, you have to admit to your customers that their information is gone and you don't know where it is.
Prudent Protection  
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SC World Conference : Comodo Group will exhibit its enterprise products at the SC World Congress in New York City, October 13 and 14
Help Wanted: Good Closers in New York Metro Area
Comodo Group, Inc. is looking for motivated inside salespeople to sell digital certificates and corporate products and services from its Jersey City, NJ, office. For more information, email support@comodo.com
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