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Inventorying PKI Certificates Just Got Easier

Enterprises may have hundreds, or even thousands, of SSL Certificates installed across their global network. These types of large and distributed deployments typically inundate managers with the immense task of accounting and administering this inventory. On top of this challenge comes the need to prevent waste as well as potential certificate expirations from impacting your business.

Comodo Certificate Manager has a new function that can automate the inventory process, giving you the controls to effectively administer large and distributed certificate deployments. Comodo Certificate Discovery scans your IP network (CIDR’s) to collect and register any type or brand of SSL Certificate. With Discovery Scanning IT professionals can instantly create a comprehensive view of their SSL certificate deployments, and can set rules to be notified in advance of any certificate expiration. Comodo Certificate Manager with Discovery Scanning significantly reduces your PKI management challenge while saving you significant time and money.


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