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Efficient, Effective Digital Certificate Lifecycle Management. Done.

Certificate Manager

Eliminate manual spreadsheets, discover and manage existing internal and external certificates, automate digital certificate lifecycle management, and reduce security risks with the most advanced outsourced Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) solution.

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Comodo Certificate Manager (CCM) was developed with numerous Fortune 500 companies to efficiently and securely manage large volumes of digital certificates. These advanced features are now available for all sizes of organizations and certificate volumes. With CCM, it has never been easier to manage every certificate on your network including internal and external SSL certificates, S/MIME email and client authentication certificates, device certificates, and code-signing certificates. Moreover, it's cloud based, so no hardware or PKI management expertise is required.

No other PKI tool automates and centralizes the management of cryptographic keys and digital certificates more seamlessly than CCM. It maps to your business and provides administrative and policy capabilities right down to the business unit level. It allows you to centrally manage or delegate authority to issue, revoke, track and manage the certificate lifecycles for each individual unit of the corporation. Plus, CCM is fully integrated with the Comodo Certificate Authority operation, which ensures highly secure and rapid certificate management. Certificate administration is reduced and an efficient, productive and secure business environment is created at every level.

Comodo Certificate Manager Features

  • Certificate Lifecycle Administration. Extensive portfolio of SSL, S/MIME and client authentication certificates that allows for the rapid enrollment, approval, issuance, revocation and renewal of all certificates.
  • Internal and External Discovery Scanning. Administrators can track and see all the details of each certificates purchased from different vendors.
  • Secure, multi tiered Administrative Web Interface. Flexible organizational alignment of administrative domains that easily adjusts to your business model.
  • Configurable Email Notifications. Allows the administrator to be notified about requests, approvals, expirations or revocations or to enable certificate owners and administrators to receive expiration notices in advance.
  • Same-Day Expirations. Administrators control the term and expiration (day/month/year) of all issued certificates.
  • Report Subsystem. Produce detailed certificate and administrative status and activity logs.
  • Client Key Management Services. Escrow and recovery of private keys enable a protected (policy-driven) restoration of user encrypted data.
  • Automatic Deployment with Microsoft Active Directory or CSV File Upload. Rapid client certificate distribution and management achieve tight integration with many types of directory-based employee/device management systems.
  • Automatic Enrollment Web Interface. Corporate SSL requests from functional owners facilitates an easy-to-acquire certificate enrollment request.
  • Self-Enrollment Web Interface. Client certificate requests by the user and deployment programs makes enrollment and distribution of user keys seamless.
  • Customized Web Interfaces. Can be customized with your corporate logo and images to maintain your brand identity.
  • Real-Time Status Checking. Comodo real-time Online Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP) eliminates the time lag during which users could log on and gain access to the system after their certificate has been revoked helping to eliminate the threat of security breaches from non-valid certificates.
  • Two-Factor Authentication and/or IP Address Validation. Highly secure administrative account access protection.
  • Quick Implementation and Setup.
  • Expert Technical Assistance.
  • Thorough User Guides.

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