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Comodo SecureBox Leads Unknown Threat Containerization

Application sandboxing, a type of containerization architecture, provides a secure system environment where files that have not been verified as safe and could be unknown threats can be safely analysed.

The main role of sandboxing is to ensure the improvement of security by isolating unknown threats so they cannot access the computers file system and perform malicious tasks.

According to the CEO and Chief Security Architect of Comodo, Melih Abdulhayoglu, the two main remarkable achievements of Comodo for the last year is the new SecureBox and threat containerization technology implemented in Comodo Internet Security.

He proudly stated that “Not only are we the world’s first to bring containerization to the mass market, we also provide it completely free of charge to all users with Comodo Internet Security and Comodo Antivirus.”

Containerization technology ensures security over the businesses even at the most dangerous threat surroundings. He also stated that “We have proven in the real world that our containerization strategy is superior to any competing solution”

Comodo SecureBox provides unique endpoint protection via a containerization solution that keeps data secure even in a compromised computer and network.

    Comodo SecureBox offers the following

  • Data Protection
  • Keylogger Protection
  • Remote Takeover Protection
  • Anti-SSL Sniffing
  • Anti-Memory Scrapping
  • Virus Removal

Comodo released the latest version of Internet Security 10 (CIS 10) software for the desktops based on Windows, incorporating the latest technology of containerization.